Monday, 22 April 2013

A Final Farewell

A Final Farewell Equally many of you be inflicted with noticed, my blog has laid quietly unused pro the earlier period six months. Early in December I had made the decision to bring to a standstill blogging, but with the busy-ness of the Holidays, the start of a extra job in the New Year, and training pro a backpacking tumble on the Appalachian Trail, I found myself procrastinating prose my final farewell. Inside approximately ways I suppose, I didn't aspire to say goodbye and energy through all the steps to push to down the blog. For a long calculate, I had been contemplating the direction with the intention of my blog was taking and weighing the pros and cons of continuing blogging. It was not by all an straightforward decision--not single be inflicted with I invested much calculate and energy into blogging, but I've furthermore emotionally invested and connected with the wonderful public I met along the way. That is why I'm oh-so-sad with the intention of this three-year adventure is appearance to an aim. When I initially entered the blogosphere three years past, I barely knew could you repeat that? A blog was--let lonely the challenges and joys with the intention of would occur along with it. Over the years my email inbox has been flooded with more emails than I may possibly always hope to answer. I've been yelled by, encouraged, projected to, threatened, asked pro advice--you first name it, I've expected an email in this area it! If there's lone business I would tell a person newly interested in blogging, it's with the intention of you be inflicted with thumbs down perception how much goes on behind the scenes! I could've by no means imagined the semi of it as I fit made known to start this blog. But by currently, you are probably wondering in this area the reasoning behind my departure. Maybe approximately of you feel a little depressing or angry (as I be inflicted with as my favorite bloggers stopped blogging). The detail is with the intention of here are many reasons. Some of the more minor ones include the amount of calculate it takes to run a blog, and a growing disappointment ended the way with the intention of public play a role online. Equally far as calculate is concerned, somebody who blogs knows with the intention of it tends to take up more and more of your calculate! I didn't aspire to head down the road of blogging pulling calculate away from my family tree and real life relationships. Secondly, I became dejected with the all-purpose "aura" of the internet. I know with the intention of sounds like a funny way to deposit it, but could you repeat that? I am discussion in this area is all the polarized in conflict with the intention of takes place... You don't be inflicted with to energy far to think it over public power struggle and adage things with the intention of they wouldn't say to a person in real life, whether it's on a Yahoo article or a Youtube record. I dealt with this constantly in moderating observations on my blog, and it was disheartening. Don't make me ill-treat, I don't aver to be immune to it either. It is amazing how much easier it becomes to type something very than to say it! However, I aspire to be precise, and in responsibility so I found myself costs a reduced amount of calculate on the internet in all-purpose. But apart from these issues, my foremost wits in leaving the blogosphere behind was a interest in this area how my blog was apt more standard and solidly read by public who know me in real life. Though this is not a bad business in and of itself, it does play a role as a particular sort of censorship. Let me explain... Most of the public with the intention of I know in real life are not of the same mindset as I am (I sort out live in LA with all!). Equally calculate went on, I had to ask myself if my blog may possibly be a interference to my real life relationships, and be inflicted with occur to the conclusion with the intention of the answer is no problem. I am of the thinking with the intention of my attitude must not be agreed to someone I know in real life except they be inflicted with asked, or except I be inflicted with the level of link with them everywhere such things can be discussed. But at this time on my blog, public had an commence window into my opinions on controversial subjects like birth control, homeschooling, and feminism--things I would be inflicted with by no means brought up with them except they had asked. It would be straightforward to think it over how an acquaintance may possibly visit my blog and occur away believing I'm judging them pro a host of things--using birth control, not homeschooling, wearing pants (silly--because I wear pants!), you first name it! This in curve may possibly supply as a curve rancid to public who've barely gotten a opportunity to know me and produce them the false impression with the intention of they know exactly everywhere I stomach as they've by no means had a real life conversation with me on a theme. Though I sort out be inflicted with strongly held convictions and opinions, I sort out not despise or look down on public who sort out not wholly conform with them. I realize with the intention of here are many reasons public get on to the choices they get on to and with the intention of public are a bring about in progress. Just since I think it over the planet lone way doesn't mean with the intention of I expect all to think it over it with the intention of way too. When I come across public who are uncommon from me, I don't take upon yourself with the intention of we can't be acquaintances or with the intention of I need to dodge them. I be inflicted with an ravenous curiosity and I love examination uncommon points of check over and learning from them. I don't aspire public on the fringes to stay here since they read my blog and think they know all here is to know. I think it over currently with the intention of I made a mix as I consent to here be a connection linking my blog and real life. Equally my real life readership increased, unhurriedly but surely I stirred away from redeployment on the controversial subjects with the intention of were the foundation of my blog. Then, I found myself having to be precise in this area using real life experiences and censoring my posts lest someone think it was in this area them! Equally I stirred away from more "meatier" subjects, I to the top my blog with more of the safer topics, like homemaking and create. While these are interests of mine, they are not the real wits I ongoing this blog. It was by no means my goal to be a create blogger. While I know with the intention of many of you be inflicted with enjoyed this aspect of the blog, the truth is with the intention of I simply don't be inflicted with sufficient passion pro it to involve on an full blog pro the sake of it. The passion with which I ongoing this blog was pro dealing with trying subjects like feminism, theology, birth control, and homeschooling. However, I currently know something with the intention of I'd fancy I'd renowned on the cusp of early my blog: If lone wants to deal with trying subjects, ambiguity is answer pro everyone's sake. I am quite particular with the intention of if I had reserved the blog indistinctive, I would still be blogging now. Yes, even despite the other issues with the intention of be inflicted with arisen on this adventure! Rest poised with the intention of my departure from the blogosphere is not since I'm rethinking my convictions as approximately be inflicted with apprehensive. I am still enthusiastically passionate in this area homeschooling, theology, natural birth, courtship, and defending Godly womanliness and family tree. The single exchange is with the intention of I solely won't be sharing in this area it at this time anymore! But in leaving my readers, I hope I can by smallest amount top you to approximately other wonderful blogs with the intention of be inflicted with akin content to my own: Between the Lines Raising Arrows To be fond of, Honor, and Vacuum Ladies Against Feminism Feelin' Feminine Graceful not enough Honey Bee Wingin' It Corner of bliss Full of loveliness, Seasoned With Salt Large Family Mothering Rural Revolution Mandy Mom Blessings of the Breast and Womb To persons of you on the TrueFemininity Blogroll, consent to me know in the observations if you would like pro me to take up again hosting it. I've made a terrible job of count extra members the earlier period months, but I am willing to still administer it behind the scenes if here is sufficient appeal. For persons of you interested in articles I've on paper, please email me. I will be giving these made known on a flexible basis. And irrevocably, to all I met along the way, thank you!

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